19.05.17 — 6 - 10 pm

part of the project
by Dafne Boggeri
curated by Giulia Tognon
for Marsèlleria
via Paullo 12/A, Milan
a night of sound performance
by Dafne Boggeri with contributions by TISANA {Adele H, Dafne Boggeri, Isamit Morales}, Babakoto, Hazina, Elena Radice

— Elena Radice will add a step to her Internet Words adventure re-playing Rich Girl {1993} by Louchie Lou & Michie One through a language debate following the three different version of the song, this one, the second one, the first patriarchist version, from the musical 'fiddler on the roof', named 'rich man', and the third one, performed by Gwen Stefani in 2004.

— TISANA is a semi-fictitious coalition founded in 2012 by visual artists Dafne Boggeri, Isamit Morales and musician Adele H. TISANA was born out of the frustration of sitting through an unaccomplished sound performance in the basement of Ca’ Blasè, north of Milan. TISANA is a choral moment for thinking about the meanings of ‘here’, ‘now’ or ‘never again’, for formulating questions to answers, for translating into sound the physical and metaphysical irregularity that surrounds us. 


— Babakoto is one of the vocal expressions of musicians Leila Gharib. In 2008, with Sonia Brunelli, she founded the performance group Barokthegreat and in 2016, as Sequoyah Tiger, she released her first album Ta-Ta-Ta-Time with Berlin-based Morr Music. Babakoto is a tribute to the biggest lemur of Madagascar and its sunrise singing.


— Hazina is born from the experience of Petit Singe, project by Hazina Francia who since 2013 has been experimenting with tribal rhythms and low density melodies. Moving between patterns of extreme synthesis on 3’’ loop tables and sophisticated 90s covers evoking layers of fog and pools of dry ice, Hazina operates in a dimension that departs from a nucleus of powerful, sharp and radical intimacy.


Elena Radice her practice involves various media, constantly keeping an eye or an ear to the construction of space. At the centre of her research lies a narration of the ‘user’ condition, explored through sounds and visions. She is interested in collective practices and collaborates with international group Estar(Ser) that explores the dynamics of attention through exercises, writing, and lecture-performances.