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19.04.17 — 7 - 10 pm

part of the project
by Dafne Boggeri
curated by Giulia Tognon
for Marsèlleria 

via privata Rezia 2, Milan

opening performance by Dafne Boggeri in collaboration with Stasis {Aniela Piasecka, Olivia Norris, Isabel Palmstierna, Paloma Proudfoot}
The action took place on the mezzanine floor of the space on via Rezia and was performed throughout the evening of the opening. It consisted in a series of movements that could hardly be seen: glimpses of the performers’ postures surfaced through a metal grid.
Yet the piece could be mainly perceived as sound, from underneath the mezzanine. Its metallic structure, reacting to the bodies in action, produced sounds that composed a three-hour improvised score with a variable intensity. 

Stasis is an Edinburgh based performance company, which aims to bring together dance, live art, installation and theatre in unusual performance locations. Launched in 2014 the company consists of Artistic Director Aniela Piasecka, Producer Lilly Pugh and performers Olivier Hubband, Olivia Norris and Isabel Palmstierna.

'With longstanding artistic sympathies and a history of collaboration,

the company provides a forum to explore and elaborate our approach; devised, improvised work through which we constantly challenge ourselves'.

Display to introduce the book Born in Flames
from Kaisa Lassinaro {2011, Occasional Papers}
during the opening at Marsèlleria

Born in Flames – the publication – is the complete authorised graphic translation of Lizzie Borden’s mythical 1983 film Born in Flames. Kaisa

Lassinaro’s post-facto screenplay captures all the political energy and visual brilliance of Borden’s film, which describes a futuristic society (eerily similar to our own) where the achievements of a past revolution are threatened by reactionary sexist forces. The film suggests various modes of female resistance – from armed struggle to intellectual opposition – without endorsing one strategy over another. The published version of Born in Flames allows for a frame-by-frame analysis of the film’s complex plot and soundtrack, with songs by The Bloods and Red Crayola. Included is an interview with Borden conducted by Lassinaro, in which the filmmaker looks back on the making of the film in late 70s/early 80s New York.

2011 — 21x30cm, 48 p., soft cover, full colour throughout

To purchase a copy, please go to occasionalpapers.org